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BT Featureline and a modem to get Caller ID for our software




We have recently got a new Featureline from BT.  We use software on our PC that has a modem attached and tells us the number of the incoming calls on the line.  Before Featureline was setup it worked perfectly but since it's been in place  the software deosn't know any of the numbers that are coming in.

I've spoken to the manufacturer of the modem (Zoom) who said that there must be something different happening to the line.  We have used HyperTerminal to test this - on a non-Featureline the modem says "RING NMBR=01234-567890" (for example) and shows the number.  On the Featureline it just shows "RING" with no other information.  We are paying extra for the Caller ID feature of Featureline but it still does not work.


Does anyone know where we might start to resolve this?  I've read that there may be AT commands to send to the modem that adjust it but I'm not sure about this...

I've made further calls to Zoom and their engineering dept. have said if I can tell them what the differences are with a Featureline compared to a normal line they can do something to help but as yet I cant find out what is different to a normal line.  Does anyone have any ideas or links to more info?







I had Featureline Caller ID working with Zoom 3025C but it was done some time ago as a test and I can't remember whether any special config is required. I do recall the Modem chipset is important, the 'C' model is based on a Conexant chip and works with UK (BT's) non-standard signalling. FYI provides the full AT command set for this modem; others are on the same site.


Main problem I had was getting BT to enable the feature, which is off by default - I presume you've checked it is with a Caller-ID enabled phone?  BTLB support folk didn't have a clue what the process was to enable it and it took several calls until I got someone with a bit of nous.


I'm suprised by the comment 'We are paying extra...', on the Featureline Compact lines I got a year ago Caller ID was free though I notice there's a one-ff set-up charge these days.


Sorry if its not hugely helpful but at least you know it can be done. Good luck!