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Loss of Emails From Sub-folders


This week I have created a number of sub-folders within my BT Yahoo email account and moved most of my inbox emails into the relevant sub-folder for either actioning at a later date of for safe-keeping.


All seemed to be fine until I went into some of the sub-folders only to discover that emails that had been moved in yesterday (June 5th) have disappeared.


I spent 2 hours on the phone today (June 6th) to the technical support team who were unable to explain how these emails have disappeared. I am suspicious that BT Yahoo is having technical problems for 2 reasons. First, sporadically over the last couple of days I seem to have the option to send my email from as opposed to from (Tech support said these were domain names and shouldn't cause a problem, but they couldn't explain why BTOpenworld has suddenly appeared). Second, emails that I sent yesterday were taking over 12hours to reach recipients.


I have been told the solution to my problem is to restore my emails (but they can't guarantee all will be restored) and for me to monitor my folders over the next 72 hours to see that the same thing doesn't happen.


This doesn't seem an acceptable solution as it doesn't explain what caused the problem in the first place.


Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?



hi Pinksundowner

The BT yahoo emails are residential,  as this is the business forum I am afraid I really don't know if this is the place to go to for help. You can speak with residential livechat on






Moving local pop folder with subfolders to imap folder cause total loss of available emails . My main inbox to several different sub-folders  After that I decided to compact my main inbox folder .