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Min call charge National and land to mobile as much as £0.29 for a 2 second call.


I am trying to establish the correct answer to the minimum call charges for calls from a standard BT line with free weekend calls but chargeable calls during weekdays.


When I look at my bill land calls 01, 02, calls seem to be charged a min of 24p even if the call is hung up on voicemail announcement from the other end.

For calls to mobiles the charge looks to be either £0.28 or £0.29 for a 2 second call answered by vmail.


I cant see these very high values mentioned anywhere on the BT website.


Are these the actuall charges or is there an errror.  IF they are the actual charges then this needs to be made much clearer to people taking BT landline services.




Grand Guru

Hi chrisb802,


Is the line in question a Business phone line or a Home/Residential phone line?


The reason I ask is my colleague in sales is not aware of a Business package that gives free weekend calls you could be on a consumer tariff not a business tariff.