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Re: BT Versatility BBM+ and V-IP Featurephones


Just a quick update to my last post. Just installed another brand new BBM+ to an existing customer and guess what... there are only two options in the endpoint type, inactive and IP Trunk.


Frankly, I'm staggered at the lack of response to this issue from BT. If I'm just one engineer that's suffered this problem TWICE now, how many others are there that we don't know about? Surely it's in BT's own interest to resolve this problem (which I'm certain they have) and publish the solution for all to see. Although if the problem is in the hard coding and can't be repaired perhaps BT are wary of admitting to selling 'goods not fit for purpose'?


Sadly, I can see my company moving away from recommending and supporting BT products in the future as these issues make US look unprofessional in the customers eyes, not BT. Now, where's that phone number for the nice rep from NEC gone...?