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Hi all


new to this site and im stuck!

ive created a page using easywizard now want to create some links/dropdowns on it, but have no idea how to begin! pls help


Super User

Hi there,


In Easy Site Wizard you first create the master page which becomes the main template for the site.


You can them create the actual pages for the site by clicking on the blank page icon at the top left of the editor.


To create links to these pages, you click on the Menu Editor button at the top of the menu on the design page.


If you create and design all the pages first, you can then create links to them via the menu editor, nice and easy.


I would also advise that you use the master page (which can be accessed by clicking on the Save button at the top left of the editor) and click Edit Master Page. 


This allows you to make one change to the page which will show on every page of the site.


This is useful for things like contact phone numbers, your email address or a company logo etc.


There is a tutorial link within Easy Site Wizard also, but if I can be of any further help please let me know.






Thanks, thats a great help