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How much can I reduce my BT Bill?


Been with BT for 10+ years. Always been paying £40+ per month as I've always had BT Sport. Always been on the higher tier with all the different add ons (e.g. £168 over 2 years for "unbreakable WiFi" which was just a 4G hotspot which I used for a total of 3 days). My current contract was £66+ a month with all the extras. Even when trying to remove those extras the best quote I got was £48 for 3 months then £66 for the rest of 21 months. As a new customer that exact same deal would be £44 a month. I've got 3 options now as I am definitely not going to pay that price especially after being a customer for over 10 years

Make someone else in my house become a new customer to get that deal

Go to another provider as they often offer cheaper prices (mainly want the discounted BT sport at £18 per month, without broadband it's £30)

Haggle more with BT threatening to cancel to try get a lower price of about £40 or less Are BT generous with haggling and what's the chance of them offering something at £40 or less. I've basically been overpaying for my contact for the last 4 years. Any tips as I'm trying to save money this could possibly save me hundreds of pounds. thanks



Hi meber


This forum is the BT Business Community Forum, your question is best suited to the BT Residential Community Forum which you can find here: