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Price Increase and discounts


So, hopefully someone can help me as the online chats I have done twice now (wasted a good 4 hours of my life on this so far) have been super unhelpful.


We signed up to a new 60 month contract last year for 2 broadband only lines. One was for £46.95 per month and the other £44.95 per month all excluding VAT and billed quarterly. We were notified of the price increase this year of 7.9% which is fine and we understood that this would happen when signing up.


However, we were being charged £275.70 per quarter (£330.84 inc. VAT) prior to the increase. With a 7.9% increase one would expect it to be £297.48 + VAT per quarter but we are actually being charged £328.89 + VAT per quarter which is an increase of 19.29%. 


I did an online chat on 29/4 and it was eventually explained to me after much confusion on the part of the Agent that the reason the price was such was because although the price increase was indeed 7.9%, the discount that we received on our tariffs had stayed the same. I argued that this was wrong as there was no mention of discounts on the contracts I signed (just the price per month) and surely any discount would be calculated as a percentage of the original price but apparently not. I asked to make a complaint as this seems wrong and dishonest to me and he duly logged a complaint. 


I received no response to my complaint so I did another online chat on 13/05 to go through all the same as above. The agent this time stated that they had rung a number on our account and was told that there was no complaint and so closed it. They had called another of the company Directors, apparently, but when I asked him, he had received no call whatsoever from BT so I believe this was a fib! I asked for my complaint to be reopened and for them to contact me but was told by the agent that they could do nothing and I would not be contacted about this. From what I can see online, BT have not followed their own complaint procedure and I am not sure if I could go to the ombudsman with this as you normally have to wait for 8 weeks for a complaint to be unresolved. 


Can anyone shed any light on the discount situation please??







If you can privately message me I can take your account details and assist.


Thank you,