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Resolving a BT One Phone complaint


Does anyone have a suggestion how to resolve a complaint relating to a BT Business One Phone contract?  We ended the BT One Phone contract last year (and transferred to a combination of BT cloud voice and EE, as arranged by our account manager), but continued to receive One Phone charges for three months after that.  We have not paid, have raised a formal complaint, but it is simply not getting resolved.  We have been cut off, threatened with being cut off, and we just get passed around between the Billing Team and the One Phone team.  Our account manager has disappeared, and the BT One Phone team are impossible to get hold of.  We would escalate to the Ombudsman, but as we are a charity with more than 10 employees, the Ombudsman won't assist.


We have emails from our account manager and implementation manager confirming that no charges would apply after the termination date, but without an email address to escalate complaints to, I am at a loss what to do next!



Hi marks1


I can look into this for you, please send over a private message so I can take some details.