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Frequently asked questions - Billing

How do I set up your new BT account? You can only register an account online for phone lines, broadband and if you have a OneBill (account number starting with a VP). Here’s a guide for how to register for a BT Business account.   How do I access my ...

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BethM by Administrator
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rebate on overpaid business account

We overpaid the bill by mistake so please give back our money and stop making excuses. oue account is BAD FOX STUDIOS LTD. the amount overpaid is £1428

mbw007 by Member
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BT Corporate Billing - Escalation / Complaint

Does anyone know how to formally complain in writing with regards to BT Corporate Billing.We've got numerous services that have BT seem unable to cease correctly some of which were originally requested to be ceased in 2021! We're now in a position wh...

TBD by Member
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Complaint and data protection breach!

We have one BT account - at leadt I thought we did. However yesterday I got sent a bill addressed FAO someone I have never heard of - and there are only 3 of us in the business, and I am the manager so I should know. The invoice was for a service we ...

UF by Member
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Billing complaint - ongoing since Nov2023

Hi, I am so frustrated and do not know where to go with this now! Signed new contracts in October2023 where we were forced to change to a digital system, and have had nothing but problems with the new account. There were miss-selling problems, instal...

MD-PBMC by Member
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billed for no service

I am being billed for broadband when I rang up and cancelled it. Plus it wasn't set up or connected. Partly refunded too.

How much can I reduce my BT Bill?

Been with BT for 10+ years. Always been paying £40+ per month as I've always had BT Sport. Always been on the higher tier with all the different add ons (e.g. £168 over 2 years for "unbreakable WiFi" which was just a 4G hotspot which I used for a tot...

merica by Member
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