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When is someone going to deal with our complaint - it's been months!


Years ago we ordered fibre broadband. The person on the other end of the phone (despite being given the correct account number) attached the order to an account belonging to someone who had been on the premises previously. It has resulted in so many problems, so many tears, twice being disconnected and so many phone calls. Four years ago I swore that if anyone rang and asked to speak to the old account holder I would do a fit - and despite doing everything asked of us, I still get calls. It turns out that we have been paying two bills for one line since May 2018. The last two conversations I have had with someone at BT has been a promised refund. I have had calls from so many people trying to get us to renew our contract (on an account we shouldn't be paying), and when I explained the situation they have promised to look into it and faithfully ring back. Nobody ever has. I really cannot express how ridiculous this all is. BT is such an unbelievably unprofessional establishment. Nobody wants to take responsibility. If I do not get the issue resolved satisfactorily I will be going to the ombudsman, Ofcom, small claims court, the press - whatever it takes. I am sick of it. 



Hi Cuwie.



I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. So that I can look into this, can you send me a private message by going to my profile and clicking "Send Message"? I'll need to take some of your account information.