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In the news, you’ve probably seen articles talking about the next steps of technological advancement using words like Cloud, IoT or 5G. We want to help de-mystify these terms and get you and your business prepared for the next big technological steps forward. Today, we’ll start with 5G.


What’s a G anyway?


5G is the fifth generation of mobile phone technology which is being rolled out nationwide throughout 2022 – you’re likely already familiar with 3G and 4G depending on where you’re based.


These are cellular networks that receive their phone and internet service via radio waves transmitted from a local antenna. Each new generation has brought faster speeds, with 5G being the latest generation.


Sounds exciting doesn’t it, but what does this mean for you? Here’s some of the 5G’s benefits and how it can help your business:


5G is speedy


5G will be up to 10 times faster than 4G. Increased speeds mean an improved online experience, allowing you to share files in seconds and connect with colleagues instantly.


5G will work in crowded spaces


With 5G, struggling to work in busy cities or at peak times will be a thing of the past. The 5G network allows you to connect with more devices at once, and to download plenty more data while they're all in use.


5G will be great for broadband


Faster speeds, increased capacity and improved mobile broadband is what 5G is all about. If you need to work on your laptop while you're on the go for example, you can expect a stronger, more reliable connection and with higher data allowances.


You'll need new devices


Your current 4G devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops won't work on 5G so you’ll need to upgrade your existing devices if they’re not already 5G enabled.


Don’t panic though as BT Business offer a wide range of 5G-enabled mobile phones, tablets, SIMs and mobile broadband devices.


Find out more about 5G.


Living in a 5G area and want to share your experience? Excited for 5G to be rolled out where you live? Share your thoughts with the Community.






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