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In the news, you might've seen articles talking about the next steps for technology using words like ‘cloud’, ‘IoT’ or ‘5G’. We want to help demystify these terms and get you and your business prepared for the next big technological steps. Today, I’ll start with cloud. 


What’s Cloud anyway?  


When you hear the term ‘the cloud’ this refers to all the software and services hosted on servers across the world and accessed through the internet. Data stored on the cloud can be accessed with an internet connection which gives more flexibility compared to data saved locally (on a PC desktop for example). Running your calls over a cloud-based software is becoming a more common solution for businesses and there’s numerous advantages to switching over. 


Reasons to switch to cloud-based calling 


  • More flexibility with where you answer your calls from, more relevant than ever with hybrid/remote working becoming the new normal. 
  • Less hardware and equipment required, meaning less time fiddling with phone systems and more time talking to customers. 
  • Ability to add more features to your phone system through the software, allowing you to flex to your business needs. 

BT Business Cloud products 


Here at BT Business, we have a range of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that work using cloud technology. Whether you want to take your business calls on your mobile, have a simple home-working setup or use a mix of office and mobile phones, these products can help you find the service that's right for you. From Cloud Voice Express for small businesses with 1-4 users, all the way to One Phone which can work for 100s of users, we have a variety of products you can choose from. 


Find out about the different VoIP solutions we offer. 


The future of phone lines 


More businesses are moving over to cloud everyday as traditional phone lines become a relic of the past. If you’re interested in cloud or have any questions, you’re in the right place. Make a post here or send us a message and we can discuss further.