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BT Smart Hub 2 is our most advanced hub which comes with a variety of useful features for your business. Let’s take a look at one of the main features Bridge mode and why this might help your business. 


Bridge mode  


Bridge mode is a feature on your BT Smart Hub 2 which allows you to use the hub as a modem only. You can set this up on your BT Smart Hub 2 or on your BT Business Hub 3/5 


Why use Bridge Mode? 


Bridge mode lets you use your own router whilst using the BT Hub as a modem. This means you can upgrade to a router that better suits your business needs and doesn’t need to be provided by BT.  


Remember that BT can’t maintain your third-party equipment so you may be asked to put your BT Business Hub back to normal to test if you’re experiencing any service issues.  


BT Smart Hub 2 features 


Bridge mode is just one of the many features of the Smart Hub 2, here’s what else your hub can do: 


  1. Enhance the security of your hub by restricting the wireless devices that connect to it. 
  1. Control what time your devices can access the internet. 
  1. Pause internet access for all devices or a single device and you can schedule this. 
  1. Route incoming traffic to a specific device on your network using the Port Forwarding feature. 
  1. Set up multiple static IPs on your Smart Hub 2 to allow you to assign them to a device. 
  1. Switch off, adjust brightness and schedule when your hub light to be switched on or off.   
  1. Change your Hub’s IP address and DHCP (The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) settings. 
  1. The WAN port which is essential for Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) use, can be used as a spare ethernet port if you don’t have FTTP. 

Do you have the BT Smart Hub 2? Do you use any of these key features? Let us know in the comments.