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Does your business rely on fast and reliable internet? Are you struggling with slow speeds? 


A leased line might be the answer to your problems! 


BTnet is a leased line for your business, giving you your own private fibre service with 100% availability and superfast speeds of up to 10Gbps. 


How do I know if I need a leased line? 

  • You want the same upload and download speed for all your employees. 
  • You want a connection that’s available 24/7. 
  • You want a quick response to any issues from a round-the-clock support team. 
  • You want the freedom to change your speeds as your business needs change. 
  • You want super-low latency to avoid annoying lag. 


Sounds like just what I need, what are my options? 

We offer a range of different circuit sizes to suit your needs. The maximum upload and download speed BTnet can provide is 10Gbps.  


If you have a smaller business and still want guaranteed bandwidth but don’t require higher allowances and are more price sensitive, can still benefit from a leased line with BTnet Express. Low cost and easy to install, BTnet Express offers many of the same features for smaller businesses with lower requirements.  


When buying a leased line, you can choose your circuit size, known as a bearer, and your bandwidth, known as port speed. The bearer determines the maximum bandwidth or capacity that can be supported. Ideally, you want to choose a bandwidth amount that will allow for growth as changes to bandwidth, known as flexes, can be made quickly if there is available bandwidth.  


For more information on BTnet and to arrange a call with one of our leased line experts, go to our information page.  


Have you got questions about BTnet? Want to share your experience of a leased line for business? Hit the link and give us your thoughts!