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 With the recent changes Microsoft have made to their use of basic authentication, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to look at what this means. 


What is it? 

Basic authentication is a verification method where the application sends the user ID and password to a server or API (Application Process Interface) endpoint with each request. This data is usually automatically stored on the device you’ve used to login. Basic authentication is an older process which is incompatible with two-step verification making it a lot less secure and more prone to cyber-attacks. 


Why’s it changing? 

With a huge increase in remote and hybrid working, cyber-attacks are rising fast. The use of email is vital to most businesses and enables them to share confidential information and data internally and externally. As cyber criminals are using more sophisticated technologies and tactics, it’s more crucial than ever to increase email security to avoid data breaches.  


What’s next? 

Updating from basic authentication to modern authentication will help protect your business and increase security as this is compatible with two-step or multi factor verification processes. As several mobile devices still use basic authentication, ensuring you download the latest software update is a good way move this onto modern authentication. 


You can find more information on the Microsoft changes here. 


Are you affected by the changes Microsoft are making? Do you already use modern authentication on your email account? Let us know in the comments.