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Are you fed up with paper bills piling up in your office? Want to take the stress out of paying for your BT Business services and avoid those late payment fees?


By changing to direct debit, you could save time, money and even do your bit for the environment. I spoke with Tolani Agoro, Senior Programme Manager for BT Business Billing, to find out how to, and why you should, switch to direct debit to pay for your business’ broadband and telephone bills.


Why should I change to direct debit?

“For a lot of our customers, running a business is enough to deal with without having to worry about paying your bills on time. Direct debit takes the stress out of paying your bills by scheduling automatic payments that spread the cost over your contract period and prevent those annoying late payment fees. This not only saves you time and effort but also gives you the peace of mind that your bills are taken care of.”


“Going paperless could also help you protect your business and the environment. Automatic direct debit payments mean that there’s no chance of your bills falling into the wrong hands or getting lost. Paper is estimated to make up around half of all business waste and a quarter of landfill waste. Switching to direct debit therefore reduces your business’ environmental impact. Our customers can also save money each month by going paperless. The production of a paper bill carries a recurring monthly fee which can be avoided by switching to direct debit.”


What is My Account?

“My Account allows customers with a BT Business phone line, broadband connection or one bill account to manage their account online by giving them access to view itemised bills and call usage charges, pay their bills online by direct debit and make unlimited 118 500 Directory Enquiry searches.”


How do I sign up for My Account?

“To sign up for My Account, you’ll need to have a bill from the last 9 months or your account number. Once you’ve got one of these to hand, head over to Business and hit Create an account.”


How do I set up a direct debit on My Account?

“Once you’ve signed into My Account, select Set up a Direct Debit to get started. Next, hit Whole Bill Direct Debit and then the account you want to pay via this method. Hit Next and select I am the sole signatory if you’re the only person on your bank account. Finally, select I want to set up my Direct Debit online and fill in your details.”


“If your bank account needs more than one signature, select I am not the sole signatory. Please send me a paper instruction to complete and return.”


What if I don’t want to sign up for My Account?

“You can still pay your bills via direct debit if you don’t want to manage your bills online. Simply give us a call and have your account and bank details to hand and one of our agents will be happy to set up a direct debit for you.”


Has direct debit saved you time and effort? Or do you prefer another way to pay? Let us know here.