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It's no secret that the UK is moving to become Full Fibre to reach the demands of modern life and create a more connected, productive and competitive economy. 


Full Fibre will help to increase remote working, bring people back into the workforce and help to level up the UK. Research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) had previously shown that Full Fibre could provide a real boost to communities across the country and boost labour productivity by nearly £59 billion by 2025.


Because of this, the UK is rolling-out Full Fibre broadband across the nation as part of an ambitious £15billion infrastructure project to provide reliable, fast broadband that meets the needs of modern life. And we've just had a breakthrough!


Openreach has recently reached a huge milestone in its upgrade of the UK’s broadband infrastructure. Openreach has now made its ultrafast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre broadband network – the largest in the UK, available to 10 million homes, businesses and public services.  


Find out more about Openreach's plans and why they're rolling out Full Fibre in the UK


How has Full Fibre affected you and your businesses? What do you think about the nations ambitious plans to become Full Fibre? Let us know in the comments!