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4G assured dongle problems


Hello all, new boy here, 75 reasonably techie.


A couple of weeks ago I set out to improve my 4G backup, basic problem poor EE reception in the building. Accordingly fitted 3Mtr usb cable and repositioned dongle in "sweet spot" in window 3 bar reception 95 to 105 -dbm, double green flashes, searches and connects to ready mode, still searches. pull out landline, single blue dongle flashes, purple router flashes, solid purple, solid blue dongle, connects. replace landline after a period all reconnects fine. Problem! after several hours 4G signal disappears from router. Contacted the normally excellent "enhanced team" first engineer didn't understand problem, another offered a refund, I smell a fundamental problem! after a factory reset of the router and a new dongle the problem went away for a few days until this morning! same old, same old. The solution is to pull out the usb cable from the router, wait a few seconds, plug in normal service resumes. Would a new router solve the problem??


First post, regards, Andrew, Dorset DT 11



PS I must be prescient, the **bleep** thing just dropped, single blue flashes on dongle, disconnected!!


Hi Werdan


I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're having with the 4g assure dongle, I have a few things I just want to clarify so I can try and help out here. When you say you're pulling out the landline and replacing it, are you referring to the DSL cable from the router to the Broadband wall socket? The dongle should only being going solid blue when there's no Broadband signal (whether this be a fault or the DSL cable being removed). What colour does it go for you when you have it plugged into the router and the router is connected to the Broadband?