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BT Business Hub 2 alternatives?


Currently have a new business esssential 910mb/s package.

They have provided a BT Business Hub 2 which I would like to avoid using.

I'm unable to get my TP Link Archer vr600 working with this new connection and have spent the day on the phone with BT going back and forth but still no joy.


Doing some reading it appears the router I'm using is not "G.Fast compatible" but struggling to find an alternative?


I've seen this but still uncertain if it's compatible and I'm aware TP-Link have a different version of the AC2800 so just confused!


Any suggestions would be great! TIA


Grand Master

Put the BTB Hub in Bridge mode and then connect the WAN port of the TP=Link to a LAN port on the BTB Hub.


Hi Ech0v1, 


You are correct. the TP Link Archer vr600 only handles speeds up to 350mbps, so it won't work on your connection. Is there a particular reason you don't want to use the Smarthub 2? I will try and answer any questions you have. 


I will leave the Community to suggest an alternative as I use a Smarthub 2 myself.  




Grand Master

There is a good choice of Draytek Vigor G.Fast modem-routers on eBay, some used, some open box unused and some new from about £200.


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