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BT Business Smart Hup port forwarding.


Hi All


I have a BT Business Smart hub (5 I think)
I have a range of useable static IP (5)
I have two webservers that I want to run of the two external IP, so


217.xx.xx.201:443 -->
217.xx.xx.202:443 -->


Is this posible?


I can set up Firewall | Custom configuration to allow port 443 in on 217.xx.xx.201, and 443 in on 217.xx.xx.202.
and Firewall | Port forwarding to allow traffic comming in on port 443 to pass it over to
But try to set up the second one and you get the error message "The port(s) are already in use by the rule:"



Hi David_at_TMTI,


Thanks for your post.


We have a Hub 5 and a Smart Hub but port forwarding is covered for both hubs on this page: How do I set up port forwarding on my BT Hub? | BT Help


Unfortunately, you won't be able to set up two rules regarding the same external port which is why you've received the error advising the port is already in use.








It's a very odd way of doing things (for multiple services, use a reverse proxy..) but  looking at the source WAN IP - they are different - so the users request should be perfectly valid - there are no ip conflicts here ?


217.xx.xx.201:443 -->
217.xx.xx.202:443 -->


edit - It appears it's the basic SH2 that is the issue here - clearly it was designed with one WAN IP and thus multiple NAT rules don't work - even if they are technically valid ... 😟