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BT Closed My Business Down


For context I run a small marketing agency based in rural Cumbria.  We are a small team, and due to our rural location have no 4G, and are solely reliant on our broadband to conduct our business.


On Monday morning, 20/3 we arrived at the office to find non working broadband.


We spent the day trying to diagnose the problem, but at around 5pm BT support told us the line was closed down.  Obviously we had not requested this.


Since then I have spent upwards of 6 hours on the phone to support trying to resolve it.  I can honestly say, I am no further on than I was on Monday.  We have no broadband, and apparntly no broadband line.  The support staff have in honesty been awful, probably not down to any fault of their own but due to the systems they work within.  We have had no help, and nobody at BT is able to either explain how it has happened, other than to tell me it looks like a mistake has happened.


The nature of this problem couldnt not be more significant to us.  All staff have now been sent home, and we cannot conduct business properly.


BT are promising call backs that dont happen, and none of the staff seem in a position to help me, other than to tell me what is on the screen.


The latest call handler is suggesting we need to go through the ordering process.  


Can anyone connect us with someone who can help?



Did you call 0800 032 0975?   Select 1 for Sales and don't let them fob you off, as you were advised to go through the order process!

I am just a BTB customer.  Good luck.


Ive been passed to every thinkable department.  This morning I called and was actually told that there was no fault on record....despite the previous 5 hours of calls.  

The latest news is that the line was disconnected due to another customer order.....which makes no sense to me.  Im just getting nowhere with it.