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BT Engineer request


I am trying to get a BT engineer sent out to a property on our corporate account, i have been round and round in circles trying to arrange this and just get passed from pillar to post to try and get this sorted. 


Reported the fault online, and everything was set up then it changed the address from the site address where the connection is located to the billing address. I was then told that nobody could change it so it would be closed.


All we need is for an engineer to go out to site to confirm what is available on the line that is being provided. 


Is there anyone that can get in touch to assist with this ASAP?





If the building does not have service provided yet then you would speak to your account manager and they should be able to discuss what options are available to order on 0800001001.

If the issue is a fault on a line then you would speak to the corporate faults team on 08001217667.


As long as you have the account details and are a named user they should be able to validate you and assist.


Thank you,



Morning Adam, 


Thank you for getting back to me on this. 

Service has been at the property for years, and i spent around 5 hours yesterday being passed from pillar to post by the corporate faults team with no solution or anyone who could assist. I've messaged Beth who is hopefully going to look into this for me.