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BT Halo without NAT


I am contemplating upgrading to a Halo service and have a question about using the router and Hybrid connect without a NAT network behind it.


I simply want to assign the free included

public static IP to my own firewall and use the BT router as a default gateway. I assume the router itself has a public IP on the same range that I can use as my firewalls default gateway?


I assume it has a /31 address space?


I could run a double NAT scenario, but would like to avoid this if possible.


My LAN ( > My Firewall Inside [NAT] | My Firewall Outside {BT Halo included IP address} > BT Router public IP address > WWW 


I will also assume there is no issue doing this with hybrid failover?



Hi 404NotFound


If you're wanting to use the Smart Hub2 as a modem (i.e. have another router connecting the BB and using the Smart Hub2 as a switch for the LAN devices) then this will not work with the Hybrid Connect Backup. However if you're wanting to use the Smart Hub2 as the Router connecting to the BB service then the Hybrid Connect will work and the Hub does have options to configure the LAN devices on various static routes on internal IP ranges.


If you want your firewall to be seen on a public IP however it may be worth considering a multi-static IP service (we offer NoNAT-8 which is 5 usable IP addresses for the LAN devices and a static default gateway address for the router) rather than a single static IP address service.


In regards the /31 address space query, we don't offer this as we offer either /32 = 1 IP address or /29 = 8 IP addresses for our static IP service. Our technical Broadband team wouldn't deal with your internal set up but we have our Enhanced IT Support team which you can find out more about here who can assist at a cost.



Hi BethM, thanks for the reply.


Yes I would have liked to put my firewall on the included IP. I assume the /32 then is included in the Halo deal is actually assigned to the BT PE router and the idea would be to port forward from there to services behind the router which makes sense.


I will need a larger block then.


I assume the nonat8 service would mean that I can still use the Halo 4G failover in the case of a BT FTTC / VDSL outage in this scenario (having my own direct public facing devices behind the BT router).


What additional cost is this service please?