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Unfair engineer charge £336 bill



I am business owner and using BT landline and broadband in my restaurant. I had a broadband cutting off issue back in march. I called the bt and asked them for help as my business is running in based of online ordering system and I was loosing hundreds of £ every day. So bt done online tests and said that engineer need to come and have a look at the line and broadband. I was happy with this as I am an existing customer and I thought bt really care about their customers. 

Summary is engineer came to my restaurant on that day. Done afew tests and changed 2 metres cable . But even like that problem was ongoing another couple of weeks. I just checked my direct debit today and I was shocked b cause of BT charged from me £235 engineer charge in total bill is £336.15 . is there please anyone who can assist me and help me with this? Thank you 



Hi Oktayozturk01


I'm sorry you've been charged for the engineer. So I can look into this for you, can you please send me a Private Message by going onto my profile and clicking the 'Send a message' button? I'll need some account details from you. 



Thank you for your reply and interest in my post. I just contacted the BT via WhatsApp business and have been chatting with the advisor. To be honest I didn't realise that they were going to be so helpful. After some discussion they decided to refund money which has been charged for engineer. İt was good solution and the right decision. Basically they promised me to refund money in my bank account in 8-10 days. But of course I will wait until money goes in my bank account and I will update it here again. Thank you 🙂