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BT Hybrid Connect


Looking at BT broadband with the Hybrid Connect 4G backup. Question relates to what happens to a static IP address when the landline drops & the 4G connection kicks in - does the static IP address get assigned to the 4G connection to allow services that rely on it to continue working (this is for an IP phone installation).

The incoming calls rely on the static IP address of our broadband connection to find our office - but (I am assuming) when the landline drops and the connection is taken up by the 4G connection, a different IP address will come into force and the incoming calls won't reach us.

The same would be true, I think, for any service that is relying on a static IP address for routing - UNLESS BT have done something clever with the allocation of IP addresses.

So, my question remains: will the static IP address somehow get transferred over, or will the 4G backup be of no use in keeping the IP phone connections running? Surely we aren't the first to want to know this?



Hi neilsherry,


The 4G backup does indeed carry your static IP in the unfortunate event of your broadband line going down. The fall back into the 4G contingency has been made so less impact has been felt by our customers. If you would like any more information, please let me know






I have a few questions regarding Hybrid Connect please? 


The Hybrid works fine plugged into a HUB port.


  • After "pairing" my Hybrid Connect box I moved it to a different location a few meters away from the HUB, and plugged it into an Ethernet switch , which is plugged into another switch which is plugged in to the HUB, then I removed the phone line from the HUB, the Hybrid box lights turned white (2 bars)  but I could not connect to the Internet. Does the Hybrid have to be plugged into the HUB directly in a wired scenario?


  • What exactly are the 2 male screw-in aerial connections for ? WIFI or Mobile signal?
  •  If for Mobile Signal ,what type aerials should  I buy?


  • With 1 bar I get around 25Mps when the Hybrid is active, other phones in the same exact location only get 10Mbs , what is BT doing to get such high speed using the Hybrid box?








Hi 99scouser, 


The Hybrid connect needs to be plugged direclty into the hub for it to work. There is no need for it to be anywhere else as it feeds the 4G signal into the hub to "take over" if the broadband connection on the phoneline goes down.


Let me look into the other 2 questions you asked and I will post back here the reply. 






Hybrid Connect is a new service for BT Broadband customers, which combines their fiber broadband service with a 4G-based backup connection from EE. Should a fault be detected with your fiber broadband service, the Hybrid Connect backup will kick in automatically to keep you connected to the internet. A major benefit of the Hybrid Connect service is it works seamlessly and transparently with your Smart Hub 2 router. The 4G-based backup kicks in automatically in less than 90 seconds and all of the devices on your network will stay connected without you needing to lift a finger (there’s no faff needing to sign in all of your devices again to a different Wi-Fi network). Furthermore, you’ll still be able to use features like BT Complete Wi-Fi which gives you a guaranteed Wi-Fi connection in every room of your home. YourTexasBenefits Login