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BT -Sign Boards Made - Cancellation

Hi everyone: i am looking for my life saving Advice here.

I quit my job and opted to start a Small business in Lodge Lane, Grays, Essex. I choose BT to have Business Broadband and dozens of stakeholders to deal with to start my business, as how it goes.

BT issued me number and my doors are ready to open for business in last days of July,2021 (while being under huge financial pressure). The department i paid most amount of (bank borrowed) money was ‘advertising’ …. An ad agency beautifully engraved Phone number on sign-board as my landline was up and running in store and we are just waiting to open the service Centre doors now!!! after 2 weeks of using BT BroadBand (wifi +landline) my Contract has been cancelled without even 1 letter or reason of cancelling it.

the amount of money i have spent on signboard, leaflets and visiting cards is leaving me in immense discomfort and mental state where i cannot imagine to NOT have this number which is now part of my business and customers been trying to approach my via that. I made 12 complaint calls with BT and result was gaining a new contract under same number while paying extra money…… this all happened in 10 days… BT has issued me broadband kit once again and after 24 hours of that, bt has cancelled my contract again saying that ‘’We cannot disclose the reason behind cancellation of contract and number due to security reasons’’?????? Hence my sign-board company need another £5k+ to make a whole new 3D sign-board in-order to change the number.

it’s been 2 weeks now That BT is just pushing me too far from a normal start in my business which i have been planning from past 5 years…i am losing money every single day due to nature of business dependent majorly on phone…atm we are living on mobile phone which was not part of our advertisement campaign we ran. We are aware of possible compensations and claims we could make but primarily, we would like to have our number up and running which is our top priority!

If there is anyone who could help us resolve this i’ll be in debt. It’s been my biggest nightmare so far…… kindly help


Hi Drtechlabsuk


I’m really sorry to hear about all the issues you had with the order. Hopefully everything is now resolved and connected for you. If you do need any assistance regarding this please private message me so we can discuss more.