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BT WAN Login and Static IPs


I've noticed that the IP I have is not static although it should be with my package. that brought me to looking at my WAN login credentials within my router (Ubiquiti UDM Pro), I had these setup with the account as recommended online because I hadn't been given any details through the post but I assume these will actually be needed for my static IP to work?

I tried entering my BT account details but that didn't give me a working connection.


Where can I get the correct details for this and see what my IP should be?btwan.PNG



Do you have a BT Business account?  If so, the login username is of the form ******* and the password is unique to you.  It was a few days after I was connected before I got a static IP.

Don't post any personal account details on this forum.


Don't worry, not planning on posting my account here!

I've had my BT internet active for about a month now and never received any sort of account details


Hi mkempster22 


Kelper is right, there should have been some form of email sent out with the details you need to input your router.

Can you please send me a Private Message with your account details?



How did you get on using the BT business login instead of the generic home user? I’ve got the same Ubiquiti UDM pro and whilst I can login using the home user account I can’t do this using the business account because the extra settings needed aren’t available to set in the router…now looking at plugging the smart hub back in to use as a bridge. Did you have these problems?