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BT broadband with 3rd party router


For all my fellow community members from the UK with BT broadband, I have a couple of questions. As I’m sure most of you will already be aware, the BT Smart Hub 2 isn’t as great as it’s made out to be. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi 6 and the speed drop off when a bit of range from the router is factored in is abysmal.

For context, I have BT Full Fibre 900 which gives me download speeds to the hub of 900Mbs and a speed guarantee of 700Mbs. Again, this is just to the hub and as I said above, the speed over Wi-Fi drops off to about 300-400 even stood right next to the router. I have a 2 story, 3 bedroom semi-detached house and the speeds upstairs drop off to about 150.

My questions are:

  1. Do any of you with BT broadband use a 3rd party router with Wi-Fi 6? If so, does it improve yours speeds over Wi-Fi and the overall speed range of the Wi-Fi?

  2. Is it easy to set up the 3rd party router with BT broadband?

Any help/advice/guidance on the matter would be great appreciated!



Hi, if you want me to get you in touch with BT Business technical support just drop me a direct message. Alternatively you can call 0800800154 for support and talk to them. Thank you, Adam