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Business Broadband & Cloud Order - Not Progressing after 5th attempt


We are a business whose BT reseller went bust which effected our service for phone and broadband in early March.  I rang and signed up to a new broadband and cloud based phone system with BT on 12th March and was told it would take 2 weeks to move over.  By the 15th of March the order had been internally cancelled so a 2nd order was put through.  After a week I chased this order only to be told it had been put through wrong and a 3rd order needed to be raised and my 2 week deadline extended further.  Towards the end of this two weeks again my third order got cancelled with the explanation this time that Open reach said our lines were too old and needed upgrading so a 4th order needed to be put through to rectify this.  The date the 4th order was due to complete was 23rd April and this was the date I was given for the Open reach engineers appointment.  On the 23rd I got an email to say this order had been cancelled and a 5th order needed to be put through.  I called (one of the many times!) and was promised this 5th order could not be cancelled and would be expedited to 26th and I would get an email to confirm this.  I got no email as well as no replies to any of my emails and texts in relation to the complaint raised over this situation.  I called again on the 26th basically to be told the person from the 23rd was just telling me what I wanted to hear and there was no way it would be expedited, my new date would be 10th to 12th of May, but that they would try and expedite the cloud phone order so that at least I could organise a phone divert to my mobile (as we are without a phone line at the company now for over 6 weeks).  I was due to be updated on this by yesterdat but so far nothing, I have sent a text to my complain ref text and no reply or call.


Can someone help I don't know what to do?  I feel like I am left to call, then told anything to get me off the phone and meanwhile I am no further forward with getting the phone and broadband service which we desperately need at the company ASAP.


5th order number: BT22242M3CZ

Cloud order number: PXIPCS283492

Complaint Ref: IMP-106867497


Can anyone at BT help please?



Hi hsdunlop


I’m sorry to hear about all the issues you had with the order. Hopefully everything is now resolved and working for you, if you do need any assistance regarding this please private message me so I can investigate this for you.