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Charged Me for BT's Missed Appointment


I recently had BT Fibre to the Premisis installed. It took two attempts, because the first time, the Open Reach engineer simply did not turn up.

Despite promises to the contrary, I've now been charged £169.95 plus VAT for a 'missed appointment', which is a bit rich considering it was BT who missed it (and I had to wait in all morning).

I expect I will get it refunded eventually, but if BT wish to stay credible and keep their customers, they might like to try harder.

Oh, and my static IP address has reverted back to a dynamic one, and is still that way despite 3 separage chats with the technical help people. All in all, it is pretty poor.

Has anyone else had similar experiences, and what is the best way to actually get BT to sort out problems?



The best way is via this forum.  One of the mods will normally step in by asking you to send a PM with some details.  But the mods might not be online until Tuesday.  


Hi MikeyB. I'm sorry to hear about this. Would you be able to send me a private message? I'll need to take some of your account information so that I can look into this further.