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Connection cancelled again!


I ordered a new business broadband connection to my house three months ago! My current line is constantly faulty ( been repaired three times this year already) I am connected to box 10 3 miles from my house and get only 1Mbps download. My neighbours are all connected to a new junction box 18 approximately 100 yards from my house and enjoy 40-60mbps. At the time of the box being installed, we were assured by Openreach that all the houses were going to be connected to the new box but we were NOT- it has taken me three years of complaints and requests but  am no further. I thought requesting a new connection would solve this issue but I have HAD MY ORDER CANCELLED 4 TIMES - EACH TIME AN ENGINEER IS BOOKED IN THEY DONT APPEAR AND I GET AN EMAIL SAYING MY ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELLED???!! WHO IS SHARMA? I keep getting cheerful but utterly pointless emails from this person saying my order is being dealt with and How do I wish to proceed? Like progress is something I can anticipate at this stage! What do I do??  I am very reluctant to spend another 2hours of my life being passed from department to department when nobody at BT is willing to help or answer my questions



Hi LumpyPrincess


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been having with the order. Hopefully things are now okay but if you do need any help with this, please message me privately so I can get this looked into for you.