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Help with setting up modem mode on Asus AX Router


I have the FTTP 900 residential package.


Before it was installed we were using a few Asus routers in a mesh configuration with the internet provided through virgin media's Hub 3 in Modem mode.


I wanted to achieve the same thing with my current package but was unable to as there is no bridge mode on the smart hub 2 I was provided.


So I purchased a BT Business Smart Hub 2 from eBay which came today, however when trying to set it up in bridge mode, the broadband status went from connected to disconnected ( solid orange light on the hub)


Did I do something wrong? Is the hub not compatible? I was under the understanding that it was.



The orange light means it is in bridge mode.  Can you connect one computer to the Smart Hub by ethernet?  If you can then 'see' the hub in File Explorer this will give you its IP address.  Then you can try connecting one router's WAN port to the hub's LAN port.  When the hub is in Bridge mode it does not provide any routing or wifi.

I think only one port on the hub will work, probably number 1.


As @kelper says, solid orange means it's in bridge mode, and has synchronised. The hub still has an IP of, and you can access it by configuring your PC/Laptop to have a static address of say, and you can plug your cable into any spare port on the router.

Note: there is little to see really, only the logs and connection stats are useful.