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My BT Hub 5 stops responding and has to be rebooted


I upgraded to a BT Hub 5 about 6 months ago and now every 3 to 4 weeks the hub stops responding and has to be rebooted.

The Hub is connected to a email server with a fix IP address so this is a big pain..

Once the Hub is rebooted then everything just starts working again. The reboot is by powering the Hub off then on again.


Note WiFi services are turned off.

The Hub is BT Business Hub 5 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 13/11/17


Anyone seen this problem or have a fix?


Also is there away for me to reboot the Hub say every week to stop this impacting the users?



BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Kerrm


Very sorry to hear you are having ongoing issues with the router. You can report a fault online here and our diagnostics should be able to get to the bottom of what is going on. Alternatively, you may perhaps require a new Hub, so you may want to livechat in to us or call us on 0800 800 154, so we can test the line and determine what is causing these issues for you!


If you are only experiencing problems with wireless connections also you may want to try changing the wireless channel, which is a process outlined here.


Hopefully this will all get sorted for you ASAP!