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Problems with constant dropping connection during livestream


I recently had BT Business Broadband installed in our church for the purpose of livstreaming services. The line speed test indicates an upload speed of circa 45 mbs and Download circa 6mbs, but when we try to livstream to facebook within about 5 minutes or so, we get a 'slow internet' message from our camera and the connection will temporarily drop. It usually reestablishes the connection and then about 5 minuts later it will drop out again (and so on and so on!). If I do a speed test after trying to stream, it reports back with an upload speed of around 1-2 mbs and barely eny upload speed at all.

We have the camera connected to the router via ethernet and there are no other users accessing via broadband. We report this as a fault and bt checked the line and advised that it was resolved, but it is still unusable. We have now had this new line for about 8 weeks and we still havent been able to successfully stream with it.



Hi CloughPres, 


I'm sorry you are having difficulties with your internet connection. I am more than happy to have a look and see if I can fix it for you. 


Can you please DM me and I can arrange to give you a call and sort this out?