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I'm just looking for some advice. We have been advised where I work that we will need to switch to a BT Private line as the analogue is being disconnected from the cabinet which provides our connection. We were told by our supplier that this was our only option, we have now however been advised that SOGEA is available to us & we don't need a Private Line to our premises.

On asking our supplier, they have said SOGEA drops off all of the time & isn't secure.

Could someone please advise if this is actually true, the cost of a Privatel line in excessive per month and we only have two users plus Voip.

Thank you.



Hi Dntaylor68


Our website here will show you what standard broadbands are available to you when you input your address. SOGEA doesn't inherently drop off all the time, this would only be if there was a fault or if what you're using the line for far exceeds the bandwidth. If you've been running off an analogue line all the time, I see no reason SOGEA wouldn't work for yourselves. 


The main advantage of a BTnet (the private line you refer to) is the speed capabilities go far higher than a SOGEA line. At the end of the day it's about what suits your business needs the best. If you want me to arrange for a sales colleague to contact you about your options, please send me a private message.