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Setting up a block of static IP addresses


So I have just moved from Plusnet to BT business as Plus net is migrating their business users. With Plusnet I had a block of static IP addresses so that I could run a mail server and a couple of webservers. BT have given, well sold me, a block of 5 usable static addresses. I have followed their instructions on how to setup the Smart Business Hub 2 but I can't access them. MX and DNS records have been updated 48 hours and counting, but still nothing.

Can anyone explain how this is supposed to work as BT insist that I have to have a dynamic IP address for the router. After an hour with BT support yesterday I am getting nowhere fast. Not a happy BT customer.



Have you seen this page?


It says that your 5 static IPs live behind the router's dynamic IP.  So you have to assign each static IP to a device.  Hope this helps.