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Setting up your BT Business Hub 3 for BT Infinity for business


Find out which BT Business Hub you've got.


The easiest way to install your BT Business Hub 3 is to use the CD supplied.


To manually set up your Hub 3:


1. Install your equipment


Connect your equipment:

  1. Plug the power adapter into the Power socket on the rear of the hub and connect to a mains socket.
  2. Connect the Ethernet lead with the red ends to the red BT Infinity port on the rear of the hub, and connect the other end to the OR Modem (FTTC - LAN 1 Port) or the ONT (FTTP - LAN 1 or next available LAN port).


2. Connect your PC


There are two ways you can connect your Hub 3 to your PC:

  1. Ethernet - Connect the Ethernet lead with yellow ends to a yellow ethernet port and to your PC. If you're connecting to a server after the installation insert this lead into the "GigE" / port 4 instead.
  2. Wireless - Make sure your PC is switched on and that Wireless is enabled and either:

    - Press the WPS button on the rear of the hub, and then try to connect to the hub from your PC, which must have Windows 7 or Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 installed. See, How to create a wireless connection to your BT Business Hub 3 using WPS.

    - Or, manually connect using the Wireless Key from the hub, this can be found on the pull out module on the rear of the unit.


3. Set up the Admin Password


When you access the Hub Manager for the first time, you'll need to enter the admin password supplied with your hub. This can be found on the pull out module. You'll then be able to set up your own password.

  1. Open your web browser and type in http://btbusinesshub.home
  2. Enter the Admin password.
  3. Enter a new password and confirm.
  4. Enter a password hint. This will help if you later forget your password.
  5. Click Change password and open BT Hub Manager.


4. Configure your Network Login & Password


If you're not using the Installation CD you'll need to set up your network login & password manually.


Have your details ready. These will have been provided on email / letters sent to you during the order process. Can't find them? See What are my network login details?


Once you have your network details follow the steps below:

  1. On the Hub Manager home page select Configure (next to Broadband username).
  2. On the next page select Disconnect.
  3. Enter your login details:

    a. Login will be in the format
    b. Password will be Alpha numeric, chosen by you at the time of ordering.
  4. Press Connect and the hub will show connected.


5. Configure your Multiple Static IP addresses


If you have multiple IP addresses, the easiest way to set them up is to run the Installation CD and follow the on screen instructions.


To configure manually:

  1. In Hub Manager go to Settings and then Static IP.
  2. Select Static IP address: to ON.
  3. Enter the Routers IP address, as shown in your welcome letter.
  4. Select the correct Subnet Mask :-

    a. if you have ordered 5 fixed IP addresses
    b. if you have ordered 13 fixed IP addresses
  5. Click Apply and then press Configure to complete the activity.


You'll also need to set up your PC with the following:-

  • One of the fixed IP addresses.
  • The Default Gateway - the Routers IP address.
  • The Subnet Mask (5 IP address = or 13 IP address =
  • Enable PC LAN Auto Detect in Local Area Network (LAN) Settings.


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