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Smart Hub 2 rebooting itself


We're now on our third Smart Hub 2 due to hardware issues.


Hub #1 became unresponsive and needed a power cycle. It was only once but I reported the issue and support arranged a new hub for me.


Hub #2 has in the space of 2 weeks turned unresponsive 3 times, and restarted itself 15 times, as evidenced by messages in the technical log such as

 23 Aug.  5G   WiFi auto selected channel 36 Bandwidth:80M(Reason:boot)
 23 Aug.  5G   WiFi scan(Reason:boot)
 23 Aug.  2.4G WiFi auto selected channel 6 Bandwidth:20M(Reason:boot)
 23 Aug.  2.4G WiFi scan(Reason:boot)


Hub #3 just arrived yesterday and has already restarted itself once. I say restart but it's more like a power reset, as the log never shows "System restart". Maybe it's a one off but it feels like nothing has changed.


  • When unresponsive the hubs cannot be pinged from the internet, and the Hybrid Connect starts flashing red, which rules out internal network issues
  • The second hub was at some point moved to a UPS and still had issues, so it's not losing power
  • We have an old BT Hub 3 (?) which is connected to the same power source and has not lost any uptime whatsoever
  • Restarts are an issue as we run services for remote branches, and also have remote workers. Being interrupted for minutes each time isn't acceptable for a business line.


I would just give up and use our own router but then we lose the Hybrid Connect. I'm at my wit's end. Is it just me or is this how the hardware is?


Edit: the new one rebooted itself for the second time in 24h



@Hettinger wrote:



I have a Google Nest Hub (1st gen) that have been working fine until recently. It restarts itself randomly, usually when I give it a command like play XXX on Spotify (other commands too), but not every time.

What can be wrong?



What this could mean is that the router every 15 days reboots and checks for OTA (Over-the-Air) firmware updates. It's constantly checking for updates during the 15 days.


Thanks !!


Hi MartinMM


I'm sorry to hear your routers keep rebooting. You mentioned the latest router has rebooted itself, are the lights on the router changing when this happens?



Thanks again !! my wake health login


It's in our comms room so we can't see it when it happens.


3 more restarts today since midnight.


These are the issues we've had with the new replacement hub and replacement power supply.


24/08/22 22:04Restart
24/08/22 15:14Restart
24/08/22 18:13Restart
28/08/22 01:50Restart
28/08/22 02:09Restart
28/08/22 08:18Restart
29/08/22 10:25Restart
30/08/22 18:38Restart
31/08/22 15:19Restart
31/08/22 23:45Restart
01/09/22 05:06Restart
01/09/22 18:37Crashed/needed power reset (unresponsive for ~11 hours)


I don't know how realistic it is to have three hubs with the same issues so I'm wondering if it has an issue with our configuration. All I change when I receive a hub is turn off the firewall, port forward all ports to one of the multiple static IP addresses, turn off smart setup.


I'm going to switch to a third party router to show that other equipment runs fine in our environment.

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