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Static Routes on BT Business Smart Hub 2



A charity I help has just been given a BT Business Smart Hub 2 with hybrid 4G connect box, designed to help keep broadband service reliable despite the trees that keep disconnecting the telephone line.

Unfortunately I don't seem able to configure it to match the existing wired router. In particular I'm trying to configure static routes so packets destined for the VPN get sent to the local VPN router which knows what to do with them.


The Smart Hub 2 router is handing out IP addresses in the range and .


The VPN router has IP address of from that router.


The static route I'm trying to set up is

subnet IP: subnet mask: gateway IP


The error message I'm getting is

'Invalid gateway IP: Only allow value between and'


As the 'allow value' IP addresses aren't routeable in the network, it implies that static routes are not possible. But there is a web interface dedicated to giving them.


Have I missed something? How do I set these routes up? We have a range of routers doing exactly that on other sites so I'm just trying to get it to do what the existing router is doing. I can't just stick the hybrid connect box on the existing router because it needs to pair with the smart hub to work.


Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this.



Hi Dial1899 I can see you have been looking through the forum. Trying to get help with setting up a Static Route to a VPN and also mentioning using the BT Smarthub 2 with Hybrid connect in Bridge mode. I am going to send you a PM so I can gather more information.

Paul BT moderator