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Urgent help needed


Bt had an issue installing our net today as a cable is broken underground. We may have to wait a while for this to be fixed. We have the 4g backup but the signal is terrible where we are. I have a tplink 4g router with an o2 sim in that has good signal. Is there a way I can connect it to my business smart hub 2 for now to use the o2 sim rather than have no internet? 



Does the TP-Link router have Ethernet LAN ports?  If so, you might be able to connect one of these to the WAN  port on the BT superhub.  This being the port that is labelled Broadband on my BTB Smart Hub 1.




Hi @Shaine1988,


Thanks for reaching out to us. 


I'm sorry to hear this is taking a while to get fixed for you. 


Regarding the tplink 4g router that you have, you can definitely give it a go if you already have the kit but there is no guarantee this would be compatible as we can't comment on the capabilities of 3rd party devices. 


Alternative solutions would be trying to improve the signal. I've listed below some of the tips for setting up the Hybrid Connect to get the most out of it:


The Hybrid Connect device works best when it’s attached to a Smart Hub with an Ethernet cable. But it can connect to the hub without it. So if you’ve set up Hybrid Connect and your 4G signal isn’t strong enough, it’s time to try moving your device to another location. Your Hybrid Connect device will then connect to your Smart Hub using wi-fi.

Look for a location that’s:

  • Well ventilated
  • Raised up from the floor
  • Away from other electronics
  • Near a plug and a window
  • Relatively close to your hub

The lights on the device will tell you when you’ve found a good spot. The central light should turn blue, and the 4G signal icon should have as many lit-up bars as possible.

If your 4G signal isn't strong enough, try moving your Hybrid Connect away from your Smart Hub. You're looking for a place where as many of your signal bars light up as possible. 

If your central light turns orange, you're starting to move your Hybrid Connect too far from the Smart Hub and may want to move it a bit closer. 

If your central light turns red then your Hybrid Connect is definitely too far from your Smart Hub - try another location that's closer.


You can find this information and more on our website here Setting up Hybrid Connect | BT Help.


I hope this helps!