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BT Connect Email Address


I have an email ending - (, which is full and I cant access emails. I also cant access it and odnt know the password. I need to talk to someone to get it reset who do I contact



Hi PaulB1,


To reset your email password: 


go to


Enter your email address into username and then under the password box, it will have a link saying "Forgotton login details". Follow those instructions to reset your password. 



To Empty a full mailbox :


go to and enter the email address and the freshly reset password


Click on "Email"


Log in to Microsoft Office 365 with same email and password you used above


When Office 365 opens up look to the top left of the screen and click the Outlook icon. This will take you to your online mailbox. Once the mailbox loads you will get a prompt saying your mailbox is full and ask you to delete email to create room. If you use a mail app on your PC, any emails deleted from the online mailbox, will remain on your PC. 


If you have any issues following these steps, feel free to DM me and i can help you further. 






Having Similar type problem.  I started 2 weeks ago that most emails sent to any BT Email domain it would come back saying it was not send because of spam. BT later had a warning on there website saying they notice the issue and they was working on it, few days later the warning was gone but my users still having the same problem, they are now not happy with my plea that there is nothing we can do (other tell the recipient to add us as safe sender which is unrealistic)