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I am desperate here, and hope that someone can help. Everyone I speak to at BT passes me to someone else!!

I am trying to sort out an office 365 problem. The people at that department are very polite but say that they can't help me as I am not a contact on the account. The person that they have registered as a contact has died (my brother). I have done what they said and registered for an account under my business email address. I have followed their instructions exactly. However, the webchat person and the person in the email department says that they can't see me as a contact to make changes to the account. The webchat person just gave me a phone number and then ended the chat. I have tried the phone number but can never get through. Has anyone else experienced this or got any ideas. I am at my wits end. It is a very upsetting situation as it is, without all of this.



Hi SueB


I'm sorry you're having such issues getting help with this. Can you please send me a private message with some account details so I can look into this?