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MyOffice closure

MyOffice is closing at the end of February 2024. This is so we can focus on bringing you secure and more innovative products and technologies. As one of our older platforms, MyOffice can't be optimised or developed to provide the best and most secure...

Jen1 by Administrator
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BTConnect email addresses and how to access your email

There's been a number of posts on here asking about the future of BTConnect email addresses. Just to confirm - there's currently no plans to remove BTConnect email addresses, the only change is that basic authentication has been replaced by modern au...

BethM by Administrator
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Microsoft’s Changes to applications using Basic Authentication

 What’s changed?    Basic authentication capability has been removed by Microsoft, our email supplier, and many others in the email industry.     Why are these changes happening?    Basic Authentication makes it easier for attackers to capture user ...

VickyK by Administrator
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Wraps - handy email guides

Did you know we have created a number of self-help Wraps you can use? Here are the handy guides we've created to help you manage your emails:   How to manage email storage How to set up emails on your PC or laptop How to set up emails on your mobile ...

BethM by Administrator
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Frequently asked questions - Email and hosting

How do I reset my Email password? Your business email account password is the password you use to log in to your account and webmail. Here’s a link for the guide to change your business email password.   General email settings help When setting up ...

BethM by Administrator
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btconnect email has stopped!

Since last summer the email addresses have gradually ceased to operate! I tried updating the passwords but there seems to be a delay in the new password being accepted (synced)! I know there is a 'gateway' involved but not anything more. Any advice i...


Btconnect email hacked and password changed

How do I recover my email that has been hacked and the password changed. The reason it’s a problem it was a work email I set up some years ago and when I retired set it to forward emails to my private email. It’s sending out thousands of junk email a...

BTconnect email sending

I have a email address.   Using Windows Live Mail on a windows 7 laptop, and also a windows 10 desktop.  The laptop has stopped sending, but still receives ok. The desktop still works both ways. Have tried different settings in the outg...

Email spammed - account blocked

 Hello My bt connect email account was used by spammers to send out bulk mail. I fixed that I think - by changing password - but am not able to send out emails - though can receive them.  Please can someone help and explain what I should do to get th...

Ers2 by Member
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Spam from my old BT Connect email address

We closed our business and cancelled our business broadband/phoneline over 5 years ago. We did not request to keep any of the btconnect email addresses and assumed they were no longer in use. Recently I've been getting emails addressed to my btconnec...

sandy88 by Member
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Totally and utterly confused

I have had a email address since time immemorial began and I wish to hang on to it as my primary email address for all correspondenceI find that setting up the amil address on any platform is a very time consuming thing to do. I use Out...

BT Connect Email Address

I have an email ending - (, which is full and I cant access emails. I also cant access it and odnt know the password. I need to talk to someone to get it reset who do I contact

PaulB1 by Member
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Email, computing, hosting & domains

Hi, this is my first time using this site. regarding web hosting, has any one else been mis-sold this 'service'? i only recently found out that i have been charged for this since 2010 ! i did not even know what this was until i googled, turns out i h...