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BT internet and Gmail


Hi everyone

A few years ago my mother-in-law signed up to a BT email address when she got a broadband package with them.

Since then I have created a Gmail and a Microsoft account with this email as the username/email account.

Things get really messed up that BT are giving her awful deals on the fact that she is worried she will have this email deleted if she switches providers.

As I have set this email up with Gmail and Microsoft, if this email does get deleted, would she not be able to receive emails via Gmail servers using this email address as their own, or would emails stop coming to any of these accounts once bt shut it down.

Hope someone can help????



I think you mean Gmail and Outlook are COLLECTING emails from BT, so this will end when she leaves BT.  A proper Gmail accout is ******** or *******  But past emails will be accessible if they have not been deleted.


You should set up a proper Gmail address now for future use.  And similarly, an Outlook address.


Hi zzler


Btinternet email addresses are for residential customers, this forum is for business customers. Please go to to get support for your issue. 


OP said a BT email, so it could be residential or business, we don't know.