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Best hosting options?


Forgive me if this is an obnoxious/amateur question, I’m new to all of this.

What are my best hosting options for:

-e-commerce (international, but based in US)

-WordPress designed

-multiple websites (blogging, portfolios, professional sites etc.)

-low cost but with all standard features, maybe some nice-to-have feature

I’m wanting to build some websites, and of course I’m being told I need to purchase a web hosting service. And of course I’m being told to use Bluehost.

It’s been difficult cutting through all the blatant advertising to find out what I actually need and what my best options actually are.

Do I actually need to purchase a hosting service in order to build and administer these sites? If not, what are the benefits of using a hosting service? And which service would be best for my needs?

I really appreciate the input on this!



Where do you live?