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Disable Junk Folder

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One thing I have found to redirect every emails from btconnect to or or or to some other descent email providers is to disable the Junk folder so that nothing goes in there and also to remove all filters you might have created. The only ptoblem is BT have blocked people from disabling the Junk folder so there is no way to resolve this.


The email is virtually unuseable unless you don't mind logging in using the webmail.


Why can't users disable junk folder? Some people might want to receive emails from some companies which BT might treat as junk. Why?  I can't see there is any costs associated with this which BT might be required to pay to Microsoft. People just want everything in Inbox so that they can download all their emails using email clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook. Web-base is for people who are using ChromeOS or machines on which they don't have email apps.


BT must seriously look into this or simply enable IMAP for everyone. Microsoft is giving IMAP on their free accounts so why can't BT do the same.


The redirection works and I have checked it except those emails that go into Junk folder.


Thank you.



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I don't see Home button/Link but I see this: 


Please can you post an img if possible.


Thank you.



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This is another image on which I have found the Home button but no delete group option. 




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I was thinking of creating a "rule" like : and send all emails to the inbox (so nothing goes to the junk folder) but this too is not possible in BT's web portal. The service is pretty basic and I wonder how do businesses are managing with this scaled-down service? Its just impossible to manage a business with defective tools such as very limited email service.

Hopefully, BT software engineers can read this and look into this service and improve on it. We can only hope that something can happen for the better.


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If you want to stop all junk filtering by Outlook, do the following:
Click on the Junk tool button in the toolbar near the top left of the Outlook window.
Click to select Junk E-Mail Options.
Click the topmost option, labeled No Automatic Filtering.
Click OK.



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There is no such things in Web Based Email provided by BT. BT uses Microsoft Office Online which containes email client that is "Broken" either deliberately or unintentinally. Therefore we are faced with using something that is not fit for purpose.


However, I have now moved on to something better that gives 15GB box size and which allows me to use Custom Email and everything is withiin my control. The BTConnect Account is there to renew my domain every two years and that is because I wanted to support UK based corporation and also because the domain price is/was cheaper. As soon as the domain price is increased, I will move it to somewhere else and BTConnect email account won't be necessary for me.

BT were forcing people to use BTConnect account if they wanted to buy anything from Business products. I am not sure if this has changed but I have given up on BT and Leaders running British companies. they are all failing for reasons we can't discuss here. It required a Dutch Manager to win the Euro 2022 for Women football. this tells you everything you need to know.


Sorry to be political but that's a reality.


Anyway, I will not respond to this thread and hopefully the moderators can lock it because I have not found a solution and there isn't one for the portal we are using. It is broken and can't be fixed unless there is a change at the top.


Bye bye.