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Domain Email Forwarding Stopped Working


Hi, can I get some advice on email forwarding which has stopped working.


Many years ago I purchased a domain through BT.  For all that time, I had several different email addresses on that domain which were forwarded to my btinternet email address.


I just realised that since around the early hours of Friday morning 20th November 2020, the forwarding is no longer working.  At least, it's working for the email address that the BT business account was originally set up under (which I don't actually care about), but it's not working for any of the emails going to


I have logged into the account and I'm brought to a screen "BT Business Dashboard".  From that screen, I can navigate to the domains and I can see that my domain is still valid until 2022.  It also says I have a hosting option active.


The weird part though is that there is no account number, just an account name "Group 1".  I have not been billed from this account for about 3 years, except for the invoices for the actual domain names every couple of years which were successfully paid.  


The screen claims that there is no billing account associated with this account.  A long time ago, I raised this with BT and asked them why they had stopped charging me for the hosting but they never came back to me.


The above account settings has been like that for a long time (at least 2 years), but the mail forwarding has still been working find during all that time.


I can then navigate to the option "Domains, Hosting and Office 365" - there I can then check my email settings, "review and manage your email accounts".


These settings appear correct and it appears to be correctly set to forward the mails to my btinternet account.


However - nothing is coming through on any of the addresses, except for the address that the original BT Business

account was set to which is a address.


If I try to modify the forwarding information, I get an error message "email forwarding details update failed".


Also - if I try to set up a new account on that domain, I can do that, but if I then try to set it up for forwarding I get the same error "email forwarding details update failed".


Can anyone help me with how to get this sorted - I tried to contact BT about it but it's asking for an mandatory account number which I don't have as there is no account number listed on the account.


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Javert


Hope you are well, and my apologies to hear about these issues.


I reached out to one of my contacts on our 2nd line team to see if they had any info about this one and why it would be happening. They advised that without any prior warning, Microsoft removed all domain mailbox forwarding which has resulted in several customers not being forwarded emails. The forwarding will still show active on our systems but apparently is not working.


They advised that to get this sorted you would need to contact our faults team and then they would elevate this one to the 2nd line team directly. You can contact our Technical Helpdesk on 0800 800 154 any time and they should get this one across to our 2nd line team who should have the ability to rectify this for you, or alternatively you can contact us on WhatsApp 8am-6pm Mon-Fri on 07376165207 and the team there can do the very same thing.


Once it is in hand, we should be working with Microsoft to get this reinstated for you. I do not have an exact timescale to give you, but our 2nd line team will be able to better advise when you speak to them. If you give them a buzz ASAP then hopefully this can all be sorted in short order!




I have noticed I have the same issue....from November 2020. I manage a website and domain for a squash club. In these covid days there is little activity so I did not appreciate no forwarded emails received. However, I fine the same. Forwarding setup correctly, but stopped working. My problem is I manage the website and domain, but I did not set up the account.  Will support be able to help me?  I have all the necessary login details.


Hi Nick_Russell


As long as you're registered as a authorised contact on the account, our support teams can assist you here. I just replied to you on another post about how to add yourself as a contact 🙂