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Domain email sending blocked


I have a domain purchased from and administered by BT. From one of my domain email addresses, I sent twelve similar emails in short succession, and sending from this address has now been blocked, presumably as suspected of sending spam. I still receive on this address, and my other emails with this domain work fine. I am using Outlook 365. Having tried everything I can find online to resolve the issue, it would seem it needs to be unblocked by BT who are listed as the administrator. I called BT and have been advised that if a factory reset of my router to change the IP address does not resolve the issue, then nothing can be done. I cannot believe this is correct. This is my first time ever on a forum, so apologies if long-winded, and the answer is already somewhere on the forum. Thank you.


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Hi SamG

Thank you. BT have been in touch and the problem is now resolved.

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Don't worry, Your post is concise, well written and clear.  It will need help from one of the moderators here.  They can get the right person in BT to sort this.  You may or may not hear from them until Tuesday because of the holiday, but there is a good chance one will be along soon.


In the meanwhile you could check to see if your email is blacklisted.


As other emails are able to send it is evident that it is not the IP address that is blocked.

Thank you. I will look forward to help from a moderator.


Meanwhile, make absolutely certain you have no virus or malware on your system.  What AV are you currently using?

Confident my system is clean. Trend Micro Maximum Security. Thank you.




I'm sorry to hear this. Please can you send me a PM by clicking on my name and hitting "Send a Message" on my profile? I'll need to take the email address in question and some of your BT Business account information. I'll then be able to look into getting the address unblocked.






Hi SamG

Thank you. BT have been in touch and the problem is now resolved.

Power User

If your domain email is being blocked from sending emails, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot the issue:

Check if your domain is listed on any email blacklists. Email blacklists are databases of IP addresses or domain names that have been identified as sources of spam or other malicious emails. You can use a tool like MXToolbox to check if your domain is listed on any blacklists and take steps to remove it.

Make sure that your domain's email server is configured correctly. Check that the email server's DNS records, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC settings are properly set up. You can use a tool like MXToolbox or Google's Postmaster Tools to check your domain's email server configuration.

Check if your domain's email server IP address is on any email blacklists. If your email server's IP address has been listed on a blacklist, you can request to have it removed.

Make sure that your emails comply with email best practices, such as including an unsubscribe link and avoiding using spam trigger words.

If your domain email is being blocked by a specific recipient or email provider, contact their support team to find out why your emails are being blocked and take steps to resolve the issue.

If all else fails, you can try using a different email service provider or email server for your domain.