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How do I access my BT connect email account via PC



I have had my BT email account for years. It was running on both my PC and my mobile (Samsung)

Suddenly after a hard reboot of the my PC I have lost connectivity to the Connect account via my PC . For some reason I am being forced to go via Outlook but that is rejecting all my attempts to gain access, I don't have an outlook account. 


So what to I do . has BT moved to a subscription based access via Outlook ..  What do I need to do. I have important information stored on the email account 



Never use your ISP's email or web hosting.  You must register your own domain, which is not expensive.  Then you can change your broadband provider any time you wish with no business disruption.  Having your own domain looks more professional anyway.  I don't buy from a seller who uses a Hotmail account, for example.


I think you and thousands of other BTB customers should blame Microsoft, not BTB for the changes.


Hi @Rudd 


You can no longer use a mail client and will now need to log into the emails at Your btconnect email address should work via the webmail. 


Power User

If you're unable to access your BT Connect email account via your PC and are being prompted to use Outlook, try the following steps:

Verify your email settings.
Check for server issues on the BT Service Status page.
Clear cache and cookies, then restart your browser.
Disable browser extensions temporarily.
Try accessing your email account using a different browser.
Reset your password.
Contact BT Support for further assistance.
BT Connect email should not require a subscription to Outlook specifically, but contacting BT Support will provide the most accurate information and help in resolving the issue.



Rachel Gomez


Hey Rudd, seems like BT has shifted to accessing emails via If you're facing issues, try the steps RachelGomez123 suggested. Clear cache, verify settings, and contact BT Support if needed. Good luck! ehallpass

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