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Wraps - handy email guides

Did you know we have created a number of self-help Wraps you can use? Here are the handy guides we've created to help you manage your emails:   How to manage email storage How to set up emails on your PC or laptop How to set up emails on your mobile ...

BethM by Administrator
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Frequently asked questions - Email and hosting

How do I reset my Email password? Your business email account password is the password you use to log in to your account and webmail. Here’s a link for the guide to change your business email password.   General email settings help When setting up ...

BethM by Administrator
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A program may not function properly

Hi guys,I've got a strange problem with Outlook account. I keep getting startup error message "A program may not function properly".Really hope someone has a solution for this. i'm running out of ideas.

DalR by Member
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Office365 Premium Mail Issue

I had/have BT Business Lite/Domain and have recently ( 4 days ago ) added Office 365 Premium to my account - I was told by BT to disable both my current emails and to re activated after a given period.   This has worked for the main email address tha...

Resolved! Email Mailbox Full

Hello  I have been receiving 2-3 messages a day informing me that my mailbox is almost full. I archive my messages to a .pst folder very month and have followed this practice for 5 years and have never had this issue before. I don't know what has cha...

Resolved! Problem With Setting Up Email on iPhone/iPad

Hello  I have several email accounts through BTConnect. I also have one with my own domain name (through BT). These all work fine for sending and receiving email with Outlook from a Windows PC. The BTConnect emails also work with both iPhone and iPad...

Raymo by Member
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Resolved! Difference Between Office 365 and Business Lite?

Can someone please explain in simple terms what Business Email Lite is and what you get as part of that package?  The only page I can see on the support pages says Office 365 looks one way whilst lite looks another. I think I understand that The Offi... keeps appearing in sent box

Hello. When looking at the sent section of the BT Mail Account when you look at an email that has been sent at the From: appears instead of the actual BT Mail Account Email Address. When you hover over the the actual B...

14HjC by Member
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My email account stopped working on the 27th December 2017, i have all the emails up till then, i’ve Deleated the acc and reinstalled it but still only get the emails up till the date stated, has anyone got any ideas on this and how to get back up an...

Did everyone migrate to the "New" eShop several years ago?

I've asked BT about the eShop compared to their Web Professsional Hosting pack (which apparently doesn't have online shop functionality) and also the £8 extra for BT Starter Web Hosting that I pay on top of the £40. I've received a response back sayi...

18ME by Power User
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Syncing email accounts to different devices

I’ve been looking at trying to sync all my devices PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone with my email accounts so that when I reply to an email on one device all the devices will show that I’ve replied or when I’ve deleted an email all devices will delete it etc...

18ME by Power User
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BT Business webmail ? What has happened to it ?

Just tried to log in to BT Business webmail and get directed to Microosft 365 pages where I cannot get anything - error page appears telling me there is a problem - please try later ? What is that suppose to mean?Where has the web access to my email ...

mikej101 by Power User
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